Yoga for Everyone

Dharmaheart Yoga Centre is based in beautiful South Gippsland Meenyian Victoria, Australia. We specialize in Yoga Practice, Yogic Breath, Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation Practice.

candle“Everything is Beauitful in its own way -Be Yourself “
“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” Thich Nhat Hanh
*Yoga is a path which cultures the body and senses, refines the mind, civilizes the intelligence, and takes rest in the soul which is the core of our being. B.K.S Iyengar

Dharmaheart Yoga Classes are Traditional Hatha Yoga practice, the Ancient Art of Presence.

Yoga practice is not an exercise or another doing practice, Traditional Yoga practice is a Being Practice an inner calming and centering practice. In Yoga one learn’s to synchronize the Mind, Body and Breath with each Asana or Posture which is the art of yoga called “FLOW” being present, in practice calms and centers our whole Being.

The word Hatha is made up of two Sanskrit roots, Ha and Tha, Ha -SUN and Tha -MOON the inner balance of our Beingness.

Find your Balance & Inner Peace with Yoga

Balancing Doing & Being. 

We can spend most of our lives doing and doing and doing more doing. But when do we make the time to Just BE, balancing the doing and doing with the presence of Being. When do we make the time  for ourselves, to completely relax, unwind and re-energize, which naturally releasing tension from the body and mind, that we may have accumulated in our doing, doing busy day.

When or Where do we renew the mind, body & vital energy, that we need to keep the doing, doing going? We can make this time for ourselves by practicing Yoga. Yoga is your own special time for You!

In Yoga practice we learn to balance the Mind, Body and Breath with movement, shifting from endlessly doing and doing, to consciously “paying attention” to this moment, this movement, one thing at a time, one step at a time, which naturally calms, bringing mental and physical relief, moving from contraction to openness, by continuing to apply and practice the yoga approach “One step at a time” we naturally improve the way we approach our doing, doing day with the awareness of being.

Yoga Practice naturally Improve Inner Balance

Health and Wellbeing,  Mindfulness & Concentration, Flexibility & Muscle Tone, Core Strengthen & Postural Alignment, Restoration & Physical Balance, Circulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Energy Flow & Relaxation,  while at the same time Yogic Breathing & (Pranayama) Restores and Re-balances the natural Rhythm and Flow of the breath, calming and anchoring the mind, enabling Mental Stability and Clarity to be present.
“We may think that we will be Happy when we are successful. But success arrives when we are Happy & Contented.” The Buddha.