Mission Statement

Find your inner Peace with YOGA. Just Be & Let it be.

Our Aim

Dharma Heart Yoga Meeniyan is committed to providing a welcoming environment for the community to attend classes regardless of gender, age, sexual preference, race, culture, religion, social status or political belief.

Our aim is to serve the community in all aspects of yoga practice by providing authentic Yoga Classes and by teaching the true aim of Yoga, Presence and unity, the balance of Mind and Body, which is set out in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and is in accordance with the national standards of Traditional Yoga Teachings.

We aim to respect the values, beliefs and aspirations of others and to have consideration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our students and endeavor to nurture their natural abilities and aspirations while being mindful of their limitations or preferences known to us.

We aim to provide Holistic Scientific & Medical Education and Personal Development via our comprehensive Workshops and Courses.

We are committed to maintain confidentiality and trust of others, by endorsing a confidentiality policy for all that attend our Centre as would be expected, both personally and professionally.

We agree that the Teacher-Student relationship is sacred and aim to nurture these relationships by maintaining honesty and compassion for each other.

We aim to maintain a code of ethics which is based on Patanjali’s Yamas & Niyamas and the teachings of the Buddha (the Dharma) the wise and compassionate approach towards oneself and others, that brings about inclusiveness for all in professional Yoga and Meditation Practice.

Director Kerrie Wilson – 15.3.09

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